Cryptography, digital signature or data integrity – any ideas?

The PR team is working on creating new public relation material. One of the projects is to have new rollups and posters for events.basic layout for event rollup
The idea is to have a set of themes / designs to visualize the topics in one picture / drawing each:
– cryptography
– digital signature
– data integrity

The size of your picture should be max. width 70cm / 26.6″ and height 120cm / 47.2″.
See the basic layout for the rollup on the right.

If you have any ideas please send them preferably as svg, png, or jpg to licenced as CC-BY-SA until 2015-04-06.

One thought on “Cryptography, digital signature or data integrity – any ideas?

  1. CAcert WoT User49

    If I understand it right you want 3 different images. Each representing a branch.
    Could you write a small text for each branch with some use cases for each, just so I better understand what they mean to CAcert..

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