Certificates renewing pending will end soon

Several tried to renew their certificates in the last days, but it is still pending. We are aware of this issue.

There is a need for a physical update of a cable. A volunteer is traveling to the data centre this week-end to do that. You will have to be patient until then. We are terribly sorry.

2 thoughts on “Certificates renewing pending will end soon

  1. Etienne Ruedin Post author

    Please note:

    Currently there is no way to sign certificates with the Class1 certificate. Also, it shouldn’t ever have been done, so we’re not looking to fix this broken incorrect process.

    You can choose to instead create a certificate and sign it with the Class3 certificate, under the Advanced settings. To sign certificates with Class3 you need to be assured with 50 points.

    We are aware of the issue, and are trying to fix it to the best of our ability as soon as possible.

    [published at cacert-support@lists.cacert.org on August 5th 2023]

  2. Etienne Ruedin Post author

    This blog post is on the landing page of the blog and on the main page of cacert.org for now about six week. Even then, every day people write to support or the support mailing list. This is an easy way to slow down progress, as many volunteers write each time the same answers….

    The best way to resolve the problem is – depending on where you live – to meet with two (or three) experienced assurers who can then credit you with the trust points you need (you need 50 and get 10-35 per assurer). When you are on cacert.org in your account, go to Web Of Trust:
    https://www.cacert.org/wot.php?id=12 (here you can enter your city and search for assurers in the area)
    https://www.cacert.org/wot.php?id=1 (here you can click through to choose from about 6000 assurers).

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