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CAcert AGM and New Board, Rules changes accepted

On 2011-11-27 CAcert held its Annual General Meeting. Minutes will be published soon on the wiki.

A new board was elected. We are happy to announce the new CAcert board

  • Piers Lauder, AU
  • Dirk Astrath, DE
  • Jeffrey Frederick, US
  • Michael Tänzer, DE
  • Raoul Xavier Boerlage, NL
  • Werner Dworak, DE
  • Tomas Trnka, CZ

During the AGM CAcert’s annual report and the financial report was presented and accepted by the membership. It shows many things happened at CAcert during the last year and is worth reading to get an impression of CAcert’s progress during the last time.

During the AGM, 3 special resolutions were presented, first to bring CAcert Inc rules in compliance with Association Act 2009 and 2 more rules changes, that fixed a minor bug. The rule changes have been accepted in a strong concensus.

A big thank you to all people volunteering and helping to achieve this successful result. CAcert is dependent on many volunteers and is looking forward for your help to achieve such a good result for the coming year.

Annual General Meeting 2011-11-27

CAcert Inc, the association within the Community, will held the AGM on Sunday 2011-11-27 21:00 UTC. Which makes it evening in Europe, afternoon in the Americas, and tomorrow morning in Australia. The meeting will be held in CAcert’s IRC channel #AGM

The agenda and preperations you’ll find under: AGM 2011-11-27

There are 3 special resolutions on the agenda:

  1. Replace Association Act 1984 Links with Accociation Act 2009 Links within current
    Make CAcert Inc Rules compliant to Accociation Act 2009 rules
  2. Correct Error 13.1
  3. Delete Common Seal