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December 2009 Community Update

  • 20091221 Nick Bebout: Resignation as Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO)
  • [Poll for AGM day] (Fr,Sa,Su?) Inc Members, please vote! (finished)
  • 20091220 Board Meeting
    • “process of software review” ends with the motion: m20091220.2, propose 4 people, and to request ABCs
    • Support is proceeding to bring in Triage people. 3 ABCs have been completed. Michael Taenzer, Martin Schultze, Wolfgang Kasulke are now complete, so t/l-support will probably propose them for Support Engineer.
    • Arbitration: “That, given m20090811.1, and today’s informal information that some arbitrators are non-working, board requests an immediate update of the state and health of the Arbitration system from DRO, with a view to changing the roles and re-invigorating the process.”. Motion m20091220.3 carried
    • Update on Finance: No Annual General Meeting schedule yet (Update: Boardmeeting Jan 3th: AGM is at Jan 30th)
    • Minutes 20091216 Essen Software MiniTOP
      • Software, repository: Repository is up and going. Haven’t got the test system, just the developer system. We expect to have everything together by end of January.
      • Birdshack doco
      • Root ceremony: In order to re-do this process, we have to do: planning, collection of the people, budget, hardware, and also to come up with a new concept for protection of the root. This latter is important, and the whole thing will need to be serious and documented for presentation to a new auditor.
    • Hamburg Assurance mini-TOP 20091215 results with three new Special Assurance programs proposals
  • 20091215 Confirmation received for a booth at the CEBIT 2010. CAcert get this sponsored booth from the Linux New Media (Cebit Open Source) (CEBIT Event Organisation)
  • 20091211 Support Team declares reaching a milestone in clearing out the support Inbox. All that’s left is the future!
  • 20091205 Confirmation received for a booth at the FOSDEM 2010 6-7 Feb 2010, Brussels Belgium. (FOSDEM Event Organisation)

Original Wiki Post 2009 December Update

Support Activity and Error Rates

In the last few weeks, our one Support Engineer (Werner, working mostly alone) has processed 65 support requests, 40 in the last week. Each case generates 5 mails. At the moment, the SE works with an absence of system, on a clunky silly mailing list, so there is no workflow assistance available to him. He has to remember each of those cases over the days-cycle time, and relate them to all the other emails.

Errors are inevitable. I’ve so far seen and counted 3 errors or blunders. Which means we’re talking around a 5% error rate. That’s to be expected when building a new system, working with fresh people, with minimal historical help, and working through a flood of a backlog with crappy technical support and poor information. Also known as, drowning.

(Obviously, in time, we want to reduce that to around 1-2%. When I did my 5-10 cases a month back, I generated at least one error. I’m not good enough for Support, I’m up in the 10-20% range.)

You can help us by pointing out the errors, directly, and suggesting what it is you would rather have seen. Positive suggestions are always appreciated.

an almost empty Triage mailboxThe Triage team — Wolfgang, Martin, Michael, Joost — have to this point worked through outstanding emails back to July this year. See the attached for a picture of today’s Inbox. *Yes, it’s more or less empty!* They got there last night, and have reached the target I set them, to get back to July.

That means a human has processed every one of approximately one thousand support emails received over the last 5 months. There’s probably dozens of errors in their processing, but that misses the point.

In the next month or so, some or all of the Triage people above will get through their ABCs and become SEs or Support Engineers. At that point Werner will have help. At that point, we’ll be able to improve our systems. And, we’ll need more Triage people!

You can help us by signing up to Triage. Let me know if you fit the profile: Assurer, great with mail / MUA, etc, time to handle lots of little, quick tasks, good with English reading (other languages an advantage), and you grok the community (CCA, DRP and you want to know more about Security Policy but were always afraid to ask…). IRC.

We need people outside the European evening slot…

interim, temporary, impatient Support t/l,
looking for any excuse to get sacked!

2009 November Community Update

Original Wiki Post 2009 November Update