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Downtime scheduled for CAcert webserver on Nov 23, 2011

The CAcert main webserver will be unavailable for about one hour on Wednesday November 23, 2011, starting at 10:00 UTC. A database update is scheduled to take place on that day between 10:00 UTC and 11:00 UTC. If you are interested in the technical details, please check https://bugs.cacert.org/view.php?id=976.

We expect that the update will be completed within one hour. During the update the website cannot be accessed, and no certificates can be issued or revoked. Other CAcert services (CRL, OCSP, mailing lists, wiki etc) will remain available as usual.

Workaround for Russian Translation of the CAcert Website (bug #900)

Russia Translation of CAcert.org WebsiteWe had received a couple of reports by either irc, emails to support or on mailing lists, that the Russian Translation of our CAcert.org Website has garbled Russian translations. This has been reported as Bug #900.

After several analyzes, tests, discussions, we came to the conclusion, that we need an overall UTF-8 upgrade of the critical system. This has to be started as an individual project. As this project doesn’t effects our great efforts on Audit, the priority is lowered against several other Audit essential projects. So currently, there is no easy and no quick fix possible. So we, or better to say Michael V. A. (one of the bug reporters) worked out an workaround:

the exact steps to reproduce both the problem and the workaround:

1. The Bug
http://CAcert.org [^] / Translations / ???????
( http://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=0&lang=ru_RU )

Now the text is garbled (“Western ISO-8859-1” autodetected).

2. The Workaround
Switching to ISO-8859-5.

In my browser (Firefox 3.6.13) it’s exactly the following:

View / Character Encoding / More Encodings
/ East European / Cyrillic (ISO-8859-5)

Now all Russian text is okay.
The workaround works for me.
Yes, I think this should work for other users, as well.