Ask not what your country can do for you…

John F Kennedy inspired a nation by saying that. Then he said:

“ask what you can do for your country!”

What can you do for your community? Here’s one idea I’ve been playing around with. I call it Adopt-A-Page but I reckon there is a better title out there for it. It works like this:

  1. Identify your place inside the Community. Sysadm? Assurer? Coder? Arbitrator? Cert-user? There are lots of possibilities.
  2. Find your favourite web page that relates to your part in the Community.
  3. Link to that place from your many websites.
  4. Keep it live and relevant. Update your collection from time to time.

That was easy! Why is this so important? Another easy question with a simple answer: FUNDING. CAcert needs money to finance the current audit work programme and the next audit. We can get that by (a) being a source of advertising and (b) by being higher profile.

Both of those things can be helped by YOU linking into CAcert. That’s because a little help by you, multipled by the size of our community, equals a lot of help!

It really doesn’t matter where you link in to. You choose. What matters more is that you use diverse websites, if you have them to hand.

This is one thing you can do for your Community!. Point your website to us. Proclaim your ability as an Assurer. Tell the world which system you administer. Tell us you care. Loudly! Tell us you’re part of the community. Hell, tell us anything you like, as long as it includes a link ­čÖé

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