Maintenance / Changes infrastructure

[Update: finished.] I will begin with the work now 2012-04-01 00:00 UTC. Infrastructure e.g. email, wiki, blog, lists will be unavailable during the time. The CAcert website along with all critical systems are not “infrastructure” and will not be affected.

I am planning to work on infrastructure again this weekend (2012-03-31) and downtimes may occur. Our host is low on disk space so I need to do some restructuring. A larger downtime may be involved.

Currently, each virtual host has its own logical volume (LVM). They will be consolidated into one. During the move and resizing I think I will not get around shutting down all infrastructure services.

I will send out a notice before I begin the work.
Sorry for any inconvenience.


I am currently continuing the work until 2012-03-26 07:00 UTC. The following services may be effected (the other services have been migrated already):

  • email
  • lists
  • emailout
  • board
  • translingo

I am working on infrastructure systems. During the next 6 hours the following services may be down as they are moved to another server:

* bugs
* irc
* webmail
* wiki
* email
* cats
* lists
* issue
* emailout

The following services have been shut down:

* dupes
* forum
* logging
* paypal
* test2

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