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WordPress Client Certificate Authentication

Client Certificate Authentication is possible for the CAcert Blog for some time. Now, the code was put into an own plugin and published to the wordpress plugin directory. You can also install the plugin directly from your wordpress admin interface to use it in your own blog.

Acknowledgements: This plugin is based on the HTTP Authentication plugin by Daniel Westermann-Clark. Ideas taken from Dan B.’s implementation for client certificate authentication.

Upgrade of lists server [Update: done]

During the last hours, the CAcert mailing list server was upgraded to the latest OS realease Debian Wheezy.

Please let us know, if you experience any problems.

Blog update

The CAcert Blog (incl. its system) has been upgraded to recent software versions. With this also a new Theme had to be created to be compatible with the current version of the blog software.

Please let me know, if anything was broken by the upgrade or anything does not work for you as expected.

Maintenance / Changes infrastructure

[Update: finished.] I will begin with the work now 2012-04-01 00:00 UTC. Infrastructure e.g. email, wiki, blog, lists will be unavailable during the time. The CAcert website along with all critical systems are not “infrastructure” and will not be affected.

I am planning to work on infrastructure again this weekend (2012-03-31) and downtimes may occur. Our host is low on disk space so I need to do some restructuring. A larger downtime may be involved.

Currently, each virtual host has its own logical volume (LVM). They will be consolidated into one. During the move and resizing I think I will not get around shutting down all infrastructure services.

I will send out a notice before I begin the work.
Sorry for any inconvenience.


I am currently continuing the work until 2012-03-26 07:00 UTC. The following services may be effected (the other services have been migrated already):

  • email
  • lists
  • emailout
  • board
  • translingo

I am working on infrastructure systems. During the next 6 hours the following services may be down as they are moved to another server:

* bugs
* irc
* webmail
* wiki
* email
* cats
* lists
* issue
* emailout

The following services have been shut down:

* dupes
* forum
* logging
* paypal
* test2

CAcert AGM, New Board and Annual Report

On 2010-01-30 CAcert held its Annual General Meeting. Minutes will be published soon on the wiki.

A new board was elected and positions were assigned during 2010-02-02 board meeting. We are happy to announce the new CAcert board formed by

  • Lambert Hofstra (President)
  • Daniel Black (Vice President)
  • Ernestine Schwob (Treasurer)
  • Mark Lipscombe (Secretary and continuing as Public Officer)
  • Nick Bebout (Member)
  • Mario Lipinski (Member)
  • Ian Grigg (Member)

During the AGM CAcert’s annual report (PDF) was presented and accepted by the membership. It shows many things happened at CAcert during the last year and is worth reading to get an impression of CAcert’s progress during the last time.

A big thank you to all people volunteering and helping to achieve this successful result. CAcert is dependent on many volunteers and is looking forward for your help to achieve such a good result for the coming year.

Free CeBIT tickets / Kostenlose CeBIT Tickets

CAcert has some free CeBIT tickets available. If you like to attand CeBIT and do not have your ticket yet, sent an email to p(dot)dunkel(at)cacert(dot)org. You then get a link to the CeBIT website where you can register and print your own ticket. You are welcome to visit us at our booth Hall 6, Booth F-36-2. Donations for supporting CAcerts operations are welcome.

CAcert hat ein paar kostenlose CeBIT-Tickets abzugeben. Wenn Sie die CeBIT besuchen wollen und noch ein Ticket benötigen, senden Sie eine E-Mail an p(dot)dunkel(at)cacert(dot)org. Sie erhalten dann einen Link zur CeBIT-Webseite, wo sie sich ihr persönliches Ticket registrieren und ausdrucken können. Wir freuen uns über Besucher an unserem Stand in Halle 6, Stand F-36-2. Spenden, um den Betrieb von CAcert zu fördern, sind willkommen.

CAcert at Systems 2008 / CAcert auf der Systems 2008

CAcert and secure-u e.V. are at the Systems 2008. You can find us at Hall B3 Booth 127.

CAcert und secure-u e.V sind auf der Systems 2008. Sie finden uns in Halle B3, Stand 127.

IT fair in Bamberg, Germany

There will be a CAcert booth at the IT fair in Bamberg, Germany organized by trainees of Deutsche Telekom AG on 19th and 20th of March. Main topics will be Linux and networking. More information can be found on the website (german).
Address: Deutsche Telekom AG, Wilhelmsplatz 3, 96047 Bamberg, Germany
Im Rahmen der von Auszubildenden der Deutschen Telekom organisierten IT-Messe zum Thema Linux und Netzwerk wird es auch einen CAcert-Stand geben. Die Messe findet vom 19.-20. März in Bamberg statt. Weitere Informationen können der Webseite entnommen werden.
Adresse: Deutsche Telekom AG, Wilhelmsplatz 3, 96047 Bamberg

Meet CAcert members at Chaos Communication Camp

Attendees of the Chaos Communication Camp can join an unorganized informal meeting with other CAcert members for assurances and discussions about CAcert from 16:00 to 17:00 each day at the hackcenter.
The event takes place in Finowfurt near Berlin, Germany from 8th to 12th August 2007.

CAcert at webinale in Ludwigsburg, Germany

The LUG Backnang will provide CAcert assurances at the webinale in Ludwigsburg, Germany from 21st to 23rd May 2007.
Die LUG Backnang bietet vom 21.-23.5.2007 im Rahmen der webinale in Ludwigsburg, Deutschland CAcert-Assurances an.