Please, help us to pay our expenses

CAcert offers free certificates. Nevertheless, the CA does not function completely without money. For example, the electricity bills of the data centre in the Netherlands must be paid. The annual expenses of CAcert are about 3000 dollars/Euro. In view of the more than 300,000 users, that’s not much. How does CAcert pay these bills?

First of all, the membership fees of the members of CAcert Inc. (association) cover about 1/6 of the expenses. The remaining 2,500 require donations. In the first quarter of 2018, 11 people from 6 countries from Australia through Tatarstan to the United Kingdom made a donation.The chart on the left shows the distribution of donors by country (USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Tatarstan). To the right of the amount donated: one quarter each comes from the USA and Australia. We thank all donors very much for their generosity. In order to pay all bills by the end of the year, twice as many people would have to donate an amount.

Bank transfer in Euro:
secure-u e.V. / Bank: Hamburger Volksbank e.G. / IBAN: DE50 2019 0003 0008 5478 07 /           BIC: GENODEF1HH2 (“for CAcert”) (secure-u-association is our local partner in Germany)
Bank Transfer in Australia:
Westpac Bank for AU$: Account Name: CAcert Inc / SWIFT: WPACAU2S / Account No.: 180264
Paypal:   (currently not working due to Paypal Issue)
Paypal donation via secure-u e.V.

French translation   |   German Translation

4 thoughts on “Please, help us to pay our expenses

  1. dirk astrath

    Unfortunately we at CAcert face an issue with our paypal-account. Until this issue is resolved by Paypal please consider donating via secure-e e.V. (as it’s possible for a normal bank-transfer in Euro).

    I updated the blogposts (English, German, French) with the paypal-link to secure-u e.V. accordingly.

  2. Etienne Ruedin2

    Paypal had blocked our account for incomprehensible reasons and only released it again after eight months and the active assistance of the Australian Financial Supervisory Authority. Payments via Paypal are now possible again. However, CAcert recommends making bank payments for donations and membership fees if possible:
    1. in Euro to the account of Secure-U e.V. at the Hamburger Volksbank in Germany (notification “CAcert”)
    2. in Australian Dollars to the account of CAcert at Westpac Bank, Australia
    3. other currencies and all membership fees to CAcert’s account at the Graubündner Kantonalbank in Switzerland
    4. if none of this works, with Paypal
    The account details are on the website or here in the blog.

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