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CAcert is a strong community / CAcert ist eine starke Gemeinschaft

[German version below]

CAcert is able to celeberate two things: ten years service as Certificate Authority and 250,000 CAcert Communinty members! Each member is able to get client and server certificates for free. This shows: CAcert is a strong community and everyone is able to take part and move CAcert to the future.

This can be achieved: many encouraged members are helping to improve CAcert. Many members are working on developing source code and procesess, in support and many other area to get the best certificate issuer.
You can be a part of the team: just send a mail to or visit us on an event in your area (


Dieses Jahr kann sich CAcert doppelt freuen: Zehn Jahre laufender Betrieb als Certificate Authority und gleichzeitig das 250.000 Mitglied in der CAcert-Community! Jedes Mitglied kann sich Zertifikate für Server und Clients kostenlos erstellen.

Das bedeutet: CAcert ist eine starke Gemeinschaft, denn jeder kann sich beteiligen und CAcert voranbringen:

Durch Nutzung, durch Verbreitung und durch die Mitarbeit im Team. Und das wirkt: Viele engagierte Teamhelfer sind dabei, CAcert noch besser zu machen. In der Entwicklung, in den Prozessen, im Support und vielen weiteren Bereichen arbeiten Community-Mitglieder daran, CAcert zum besten Zertifikatsaussteller zu entwickeln. Auch Du kannst dabei sein: Schreibe einfach an oder besuche uns auf der nächsten Open-Source-Messe in Deiner Nähe (, z.B. der FrOSCon in Sankt Augustin bei Köln.

Root installer package for Windows Truststore

[Deutsche Version unten]
The software team applied a patch which gives Windows users a chance to install the CAcert root certificates via an installer package. This package is found on the root certificate page Furthermore the Software team is working on a root installer package for the Mozilla truststore. The Firefox root installer will be available for several operating systems.

[German Version]
Das Software Team hat einen Patch ausgerollt, mit dem Windows Nutzer die CAcert Root Zertifikate über einen Root Installer installieren können. Das Root Installer Paket findet sich auf der Seite Des Weiteren arbeitet das Software Team an einem Root Installer für den Mozilla Truststore. Dieser wird für diverse Betriebssysteme zur Verfügung stehen.

New Board of Directors constituted

After the election of the new board on 2011-11-27 on the Annual General Meeting the new board has now constituted itself. Due to the fact that not enough australian board members were elected a Sub Committee was set up according to CAcert Inc. rules.

The current CAcert Inc. Committee – the Board of Directors – consists of

  • Piers Lauder, AU, President
  • Dirk Astrath, DE, Vice President
  • Jeffrey Frederick, US, Treasurer
  • Tomáš Trnka, CZ, Secretary
  • Raoul Xavier Boerlage, NL, member
  • Ian Grigg, AU, member
  • Kevin Dawson, AU, member

The CAcert Inc. Sub Committee consists of all the members of the CAcert Inc. Committee including the elected members

  • Michael Tänzer, DE, member
  • Werner Dworak, DE, member

Both are supporting the Board of Directors, participate in decisions and carry motions.

Kevin Dawson was appointed as Public Officer. He is the Association representative at the Australian Office of Fair Trading and is the co-acting Treasurer on behalf of CAcert Inc. President.

CAcert AGM and New Board, Rules changes accepted

On 2011-11-27 CAcert held its Annual General Meeting. Minutes will be published soon on the wiki.

A new board was elected. We are happy to announce the new CAcert board

  • Piers Lauder, AU
  • Dirk Astrath, DE
  • Jeffrey Frederick, US
  • Michael Tänzer, DE
  • Raoul Xavier Boerlage, NL
  • Werner Dworak, DE
  • Tomas Trnka, CZ

During the AGM CAcert’s annual report and the financial report was presented and accepted by the membership. It shows many things happened at CAcert during the last year and is worth reading to get an impression of CAcert’s progress during the last time.

During the AGM, 3 special resolutions were presented, first to bring CAcert Inc rules in compliance with Association Act 2009 and 2 more rules changes, that fixed a minor bug. The rule changes have been accepted in a strong concensus.

A big thank you to all people volunteering and helping to achieve this successful result. CAcert is dependent on many volunteers and is looking forward for your help to achieve such a good result for the coming year.

Software Testers Reward Challenge – Your last chance …

The Software-Testers Reward Challenge 2011 is now running the last two days. So its your last chance to climb into the hall of fame.

The Software-Testers Reward Challenge will end Thursday, June 30th at midnight.

The software tester with the highest count of reports written related to the listed bugs under the Tester Portal receives a reward of 30 Euro. The 2nd one a reward of 15 Euro.

Each report under the listed bug numbers counts 🙂

Since Tuesday we have at least two new bugs added to the testserver that you can start testing:

  • Bug #942
    0000942: CATS import interface is not fit to handle non-Assurer Challenge tests
  • Bug #948
    0000948: Email address verification violates SMTP protocol
  • For Bug #827
    there is addtl. info available under wiki bug827 infos

Happy testing