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CAcert software development reaches milestone for CCA rollout

[Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish versions below]
The CAcert Software Development Team completed work on the important milestone for the rollout of the CAcert Community Agreement (CCA) [1]. The agreement of the CCA is recorded throughtout the software ([2], [3].

Therefore each member needs to agree to the CCA within the software on the following occasions:
– creating a new member account
– assuring another member, getting assured
– creating a new client certificate, a new server certificate or a new gpg certificate

Sometime in the future the software will prompt each user, who did not accept the CCA until up to that date while logging into the system. After that date you only will be able to log into the software after accepting the CCA.

[Dutch version]
Het CAcert Software Development Team heeft een belangrijke mijlpaal
bereikt voor het uitrollen van de CAcert Community Agreement (CCA) [1].
Aanvaarding van de CCA wordt nu door middel van de software systematisch
vastgelegd ([2], [3]).

Daarom moet elk CAcert lid nu de CCA aanvaarden in de software op de
volgende momenten:
– bij het maken van een nieuwe account;
– bij het invoeren van een assurance;
– bij het aanmaken van een nieuw client certificaat, een nieuw
server certificaat of een nieuw gpg certificaat.

Binnenkort zal de software aan elke gebruiker die tot dat moment de CCA
nog niet aanvaard heeft, bij het inloggen verzoeken om in te stemmem met
de CCA. Vanaf dat moment kan er alleen nog ingelogd worden door leden
die expliciet de CCA aanvaarden.

[French version]
L’equipe de développement de logiciels CAcert a franchit une nouvelle étape pour le déploiement de l’Accord de la Communauté CAcert.

L’équipe de développement de logiciel CAcert a achevé ses travaux sur l’étape importante pour le déploiement de l’accord de la Communauté CAcert (CCA) [1]. L’acetptance du CCA est maintenant enregistré par le logiciel. [2], [3]

Par conséquent, chaque membre doit accepter le CCA dans le logiciel sur un des cas suivants:
– lors de la création d’un nouveau compte de membre
– après l’accréditation d’un autre membre, en l’inscrivant dans le système
– lors de la création d’un nouveau certificat de client, un nouveau certificat de serveur ou d’un
nouveau certificat GPG

Dans les jours à venir, le logiciel invitera chaque utilisateur, qui n’a pas encore accepté le CCA lors d’une connection au système, de confirmer qu’il accèpte le CCA. Après cette date, se peut connecter au logiciel que celui qui a accepté le CCA.

[German version]
Das CAcert Software Development Team hat den wichtigen Meilenstein für das CAcert Community Agreement (CCA) [1] Rollout erreicht. [2, 3]

Daher müssen alle Community Member nun an folgenden Stellen innerhalb der Software zustimmen:
– beim Anlegen eines neuen Accounts
– bei der Eintragen der Assurance
– beim Erstellen eines neuen Client Zertifikat, eines neuen Server Zertifikats oder eines neuen GPG Zertifikats

In der näheren Zukunft wird die Software beim Login jeden User, der bis dahin nicht der CCA zugestimmt hat, auffordern der CCA zustimmen. Ab diesem Zeitpunkt wird man sich in der Software nur anmelden können, wenn man der CCA zugestimmt hat.

[Italian version]
Il Team di Sviluppo Software di CAcert ha completato il lavoro su un aspetto
cruciale per il lancio dell’Accordo della Comunità CAcert (CCA) [1].
L’accettazione del CCA è registrata ovunque all’interno del software ([2],[3]).

D’ora in poi ogni membro deve accettare la CCA all’interno del software nelle
seguenti occasioni:
* creazione dell’account di un nuovo membro
* accertamento di un altro membro, accertamento da parte di un altro membro
* creazione di un nuovo certificato client, nuovo certificato server o nuovo
certificato gpg

In futuro il software chiederà ad ogni utente, che non lo avesse ancora fatto,
di accettare la CCA all’accesso nel sistema.
Da quel momento in poi sarà possibile accedere nel software solo dopo aver
accettato la CCA.

[Spanish Verison]
El equipo de desarollo de software terminó el trabajo para alcanzar el importante hito del despliegue del CAcert Community Agreement (CCA) , Acuerdo de la Comunidad CAcert. [1] El acuerdo CCA se registra mediante el software. [2], [3]

Por ello, cada miembro necesita confirmar que acepta el CCA mediante el software en las siguientes ocasiones:
* En la creación de una nueva cuenta de miembro
* Cuando se asegura/certifica a otro miembro, cuando se es asegurado/certificado
* Creando un nuevo certificado de cliente, de servidor o GPG

En un futuro, el software preguntará a cada usuario que no lo haya aceptado hasta ese momento, cuando entre en el sistema. Después de dicho momento, solo se le permitirá el acceso después de aceptar el CCA.

[1] http://www.cacert.org/policy/CAcertCommunityAgreement.php
[2] http://svn.cacert.org/CAcert/Events/Public/pics/Big-Masterplan-To-Become-Audit-Ready-20130806.jpg
[3] http://wiki.cacert.org/Software/Assessment

Improvement in CAcert Software

Starting with the recent update there is a field to enter a comment to better identify the different certificates within one’s list of certificates. This comment is only for internal and personal use and it will thus not be available in the certificate.
The comment can be added during the creation process as well as modified for any existing certificates.

CAcert is proud to announce that the Trusted Third Party Programme is back to life

The software team was able to finish the last fixes so that the Trusted Third Party (TTP) programme is working again. At present there are two restrictions:

  • the TTP programme is only rolled out for Australia, Puerto Rico and USA. This means you can only take part if you can visit a TTP in these countries. (All other requests will not be processed)
  • the TTP programme is only able to grant up to 70 assurance points. The TTP TOPUP programme that closes the gap between 70 and 100 assurance points is still under development.)

You find more about TTP in on this wiki page at https://wiki.cacert.org/TTP/TTPuser

Root installer package for Windows Truststore

[Deutsche Version unten]
The software team applied a patch which gives Windows users a chance to install the CAcert root certificates via an installer package. This package is found on the root certificate page http://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=3. Furthermore the Software team is working on a root installer package for the Mozilla truststore. The Firefox root installer will be available for several operating systems.

[German Version]
Das Software Team hat einen Patch ausgerollt, mit dem Windows Nutzer die CAcert Root Zertifikate über einen Root Installer installieren können. Das Root Installer Paket findet sich auf der Seite http://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=3. Des Weiteren arbeitet das Software Team an einem Root Installer für den Mozilla Truststore. Dieser wird für diverse Betriebssysteme zur Verfügung stehen.

Bug fixing

The software developing team released recently some bug fixes that affect the users.

Firstly, the software now is able to give the correct assurer status. This has the effect that all assurers that have given assurances in the past but have not passed the CATS test will now no longer be shown as assurers until they have passed the test.

A second part is touching the Organisation section. A few changes were made in the presentation of the information. This affects the Organisation Administrators as well as the Organisation Assurers.

The software team is currently working on the fix for the faults in issuing of certificates in Internet Explorer. Help is needed in testing to check that all the changes are working properly.
If you are interested, join the test team under cacert-devel@list.cacert.org or have a look at the test instructions for Bug 964.

Software Testers Reward Challenge – Your last chance …

The Software-Testers Reward Challenge 2011 is now running the last two days. So its your last chance to climb into the hall of fame.

The Software-Testers Reward Challenge will end Thursday, June 30th at midnight.

The software tester with the highest count of reports written related to the listed bugs under the Tester Portal receives a reward of 30 Euro. The 2nd one a reward of 15 Euro.

Each report under the listed bug numbers counts 🙂

Since Tuesday we have at least two new bugs added to the testserver that you can start testing:

  • Bug #942
    0000942: CATS import interface is not fit to handle non-Assurer Challenge tests
  • Bug #948
    0000948: Email address verification violates SMTP protocol
  • For Bug #827
    there is addtl. info available under wiki bug827 infos

Happy testing

Easter Egg Challenge 2011

Easter Egg
We’ve just started our this years Easter Egg Challenge … We’ve put a couple of patches on to our testserver CACERT1 for you, our fellow and our new Software testers. We’ve put light to heavy patches to the package so everybody is able to walk thru the testserver web pages and search our Easter Egg’s.
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